Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ethics 101

Semester is 4 weeks in and the assignments are starting to come due. This week my head has been stuck in the mirky world of Ethics. Ethics is something we don't really think about in every day life but it something that does affect the way we make decisions and choices. Do we choose to do something because the end result will be of benefit to the majority or we will not do something even though it may be the best to do for the majority but it ends up hurting up one person. I was surprised to see that most of us make these decisions all the time, yet how often do we weigh up the consequences of our decisions? It has challenged be to think about what I choose when I make decisions in my life. If you want a light hearted view of the world of Kantian Ethics watch this

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Winter in Brsbane

This time of year in Brisbane produces the most spectacular days and sunsets. Technically it is winter time and the nights are cool but the days warm up to a lovely 22 - 23 C. This gorgeous shot was taken at New Farm park just after the kids had a great afternoon playing and as we were packing up to go the sky lit up with this beautiful palette of colour.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mature Age in a twenty-something's world

My second semester is in full swing, assignment due dates are marked on the calendar, groups for group assignments are formed and the panic of where will I end up for prac has set in. Yet I would not trade this choice to study for anything, yes it is hard and draining but it is something worthwhile. With maturity on my side I can see the importance of every single thing helping me to become a better teacher. Instead of the lure of partying and drinking to drag me away from study, it is three beautiful children who call to me on a fine Sunday afternoon "what are we going to do today? Can we go somewhere?" that helps me to lift my hands off the keys of the computer and my head out of a text. Yet they remind me of the importance of why I am studying teaching and why it is important to do more than just get a "pass". They are the future generation who need to be guided, shown how to look at the digital world through a much more discerning lens. That is the role of a teacher in todays world and that is how they make a difference in children's lives today. To fulfil that role I need all the skills and knowledge that I can get my hands on and getting a "pass" is not good enough for our future generations of children.