Saturday, January 19, 2013

Road tripping

At the moment I am in the midst of a two week road  trip with the family. We left Brisbane last Monday and have wound our way down through central NSW. Our family enjoys getting out on the open road and exploring the amazing and unusual places of our wonderful country.
Cook Park in Orange. This park was amazing as many of the trees in this park were nearly or over 100 years old. They looked so grand. 
 Outside Orange there is a historical town called Millthorpe, the main street is picture postcard as you can see. To top it off there is a cafe that has the most divine cakes that you want eat them all.
Out side Wellington there is this quirky sculpture made from recycled bits an pieces. It sits by the main highway and the majority of cars whiz by and miss something totally special.
The next stop on our Journey was the Wellington caves. These are limestone caves with spectacular formations and fossilised mega fauna. 

This is an amazing find. Found by accident by a bulldozer driver it is part of an ancient fossilised fish kill. This could have easily been turned into roadside rubble if the driver had not been so Eagle eyed!
 Just outside Canberra is Mt Stromlo. There is an Observatory on top of the mountain that was mostly destroyed in bush fires 10 years ago.

 Canberra, our nations capital. We are taking loads of photo's so the kids when they are older they can remember the places they went and saw and experienced.


  1. they are great photos! I love the one of Millthorpe...gorgeous!

  2. I admire you for your sharing these pictures. All are really very good to see. Wellington caves are placed in an outcrop of Early Devonian limestone that is about 400 million years old.

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