Thursday, January 31, 2013

On top of Australia

Australia does have an alpine area where in winter it is covered with snow and in summer you are treated to the most beautiful vistas. We have just spent the past week camping in Kosciusko National Park. We did not camp up in the alpine area but down on the flats but we were overlooked by these towering peaks. Isabella, Jasper and I tried to get the peak of Mt Kosciusko ( Australia's highest mountain but not that high compared to major peaks of the world) but unfortunately Jasper's little legs just could not keep going so we had to turn around before we got the top. The natural beauty of this place just takes my breath away and I tried to imagine it all covered in snow and was a bit sad as the snow would take away from it's breathtaking ruggedness.


  1. Australia is a most fascinating and interesting country. Sandy I love the way you have captured the Alps at this moment in time.

  2. I do totally agree with above content. Australia is very beautiful country. It's alpine area is looking more attractive in winter because all area is covered with snow.

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