Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mother's Group

Last week I picked up a book from my local library titled The Mother's Group. The basic gist of the story is about a group of women who meet at parenting classes at their local child health clinic,  afterwards they form their own mothers group and it focusses on the ups and downs of their friendships. This book got me reminiscing about my own mothers group that formed 9 years ago this weekend. We first met on a hot January afternoon at our local child health clinic, some of us with babies only a couple of weeks old, for some child/baby rearing advice from the child health nurse. We were all first time mums, from a range of backgrounds and ages, we went through that first hard year together. We met at each other's homes and parks, did swimming lessons together and began to form friendships on the basis of our babies. Things changed as a result of people going back to work and eventually second children coming along but we tried to get together regularly. Since then we have tried to get together at least a couple of times a year, and yesterday we got together for the first time in a while and boy have the kids grown, well they are all 9 years old now. It is funny though the kids cannot remember each other but have a vague idea who each other is.

 The babies from oldest to youngest

 All us mum's with our little babies
 the second children have now come along.
 The kids all ready to start their first year of school, we were only yesterday saying that it is only 3 years till they start high school
We all made it to the first year of school.

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  1. what a great post and to see the babies ready for school and growing up.