Saturday, November 5, 2011


I have just spent a lovely afternoon with my mother -in- law's family. I had not seen many of them for years, but it was lovely to spend time with them getting reantiquated. It was lovely for the kids to work out how all these people fit into the scheme of things , that Grandma actually has brothers and sisters. I am slowly beginning to realise that I need to see past all the blemishes that families have and enjoy them for who they are - FAMILY!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Advent of Summer

I sit and write and marvel how summer is almost upon us. It is now November and we are just starting to put away the jumpers and the blankets. Normally they are long put away by now but for some reason the coolness has been hanging around. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining but I am wondering. Wondering if we will have a summer that is as wet and as destructive as the last or will it be too hot to do anything but hang out at the local pool any chance we get. I feel that summer makes you feel alive, as in the heat you feel every limb, every breath you take and your skin becomes so sensitive to another's touch (basically don't touch me as I am too hot).

This series of photo's were taken at Bribie Island, an hour north of Brisbane. We had a lovely day there playing, swimming, eating fish and chips, eating ice cream and chillin. It was perfect except for the dog getting a paralysis tick from the bush and having to go the vet the following week. I think our dog enjoys the beach as much as we do and you can see her spirit lift in the open outdoors.

Anyway I had better stop writing and go and do some gardening there are weeds needing my attention