Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Antics

I don't know about you but at the moment weekends don't seem to be about relaxing too much at the moment. They seem to be more about cleaning, cooking and running around to soccer. This is a note to self to stop and enjoy the weekends a little bit more. I have a couple of Saturday morning rituals that I strictly adhere to, firstly it is up early to the local farmers market to buy fruit and veg for the week. There is a baker who has woodfired sourdough there on site every Saturday, so it is a treat for the week. When that bread gets home it is topped with a freshly poached egg - yes fresh I go down to check if the girls have laid any eggs that morning an if so that is my breakfast, with the local papers of course. Soccer beckons by mid morning so there goes my Saturday morning bliss. What rituals do you have on the weekends?

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  1. You've captured a Brisbane winter beautifully! Our weekend rituals - we have almond croissants now as a Saturday breakfast treat (I ride my bike to the local french bakery) and we are trying to make our Sundays more Sabbaths - a break from computers and internet, good food, time in creation and with friends.