Monday, July 4, 2011


I am often reflecting on the topics of simplicity and gratitude and realise how much these two go hand in hand. I live in a rather affluent part of Brisbane and see how easy one can become discontent with every thing you have as you are constantly comparing ones self to others in the community. Rather than choosing to view life as full and and abundant. That desire to accumulate is so insidious that often it creeps into our lives and we do not realise it is there until it is well and truly entrenched. So as an ode to the simpler things in life I want to speak out some of the things in my life I am grateful for:
  • That I have all the basics of life.
  • That I am loved
  • I can sit by a gum tree and enjoy a lovely fire
  • That I have a curious mind and enjoy finding out how things tick
  • I can curl up and read a good book - that I have often borrowed from the local library
  • for my hens that are scratching the ground as I write, that I can give them a good life.
  • my photo's they give me a time and place in history
  • sitting under a starry sky looking up at the milky way and just be amazed
My list could go on but I do want to write more frequently about what I am grateful for because it will help me to remember what is important. What are you grateful for?

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