Friday, June 10, 2011

Life and all it's busyness

This year has not been one for me for blogging or doing anything I really cherish doing much at all. Maybe it is time for my mid year resolutions? I wonder if I would have much more success at keeping them? I have only 6 months left before I start 4 years of intensive study so I am thinking I had better make the most of them. So from now I resolve to complete all unfinished projects, to spend more time writing, reading, running and photographing and to not to get so busy that I miss out on the little things. So how do you think that is for a start? There is so much I desire to do but unfortunately life does tend to get in the way. These photo's represent a snapshot of my life at the moment and some of the things I do not want to being doing and some thing I would love to do more of.
Cooking a never ending chore and delight. Some days it is the last thing I feel like doing and then others I cannot wait to produce something amazing.

It is June and I have only just got the enrolment papers for Oscar for next year for school. I need to do them soon
Head lice- a problem we have been battling weekly for the past 6 months and unfortunately it has taken the yukky stuff to get rid of them.

Tasmania and gardening and both at the moment are a dream. We would love to move to Tassie but there are a few things holding us back. And there will not be a vegie garden this year unless I seriously chook and possum proof the garden as both have destroyed my efforts.
Work an essential necessity but something at the moment I wish I did not have to do as I could surely use those 2 days to do other things. This month I have worked for Starbucks for 10 years and I have truly enjoyed working for them - they are a great company. They have given me a tent for my 10 years of service.
Two joyful things in my life Running - something I love but do not get time to do and I really want to change that. And Mainly music a program of music and movement for families. I so enjoy presenting it an meeting the families that come along.

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  1. I know Sammy - it's a busy time of life - but we're still young and healthy right - so that's reason for celebration and who can be stressed with a red kitchen aid!! :o) Flat irons are great for nits - especially for long hair! Just sizzles those pesties out of there!