Friday, June 17, 2011

Life is a zoo

The kids decided they wanted to set up a zoo at home. Great idea and some really creative play or so I thought, until I saw what they wanted to charge me for holding an animal. Seems that someone has been paying attention when we go to an animal park!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


We had climbed to the top of this rock and in the pale afternoon light were these beautiful purple grass seed heads fluttering and swaying in the breeze. In certain settings these grass heads would be weeds but here they were just pure beauty.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Life and all it's busyness

This year has not been one for me for blogging or doing anything I really cherish doing much at all. Maybe it is time for my mid year resolutions? I wonder if I would have much more success at keeping them? I have only 6 months left before I start 4 years of intensive study so I am thinking I had better make the most of them. So from now I resolve to complete all unfinished projects, to spend more time writing, reading, running and photographing and to not to get so busy that I miss out on the little things. So how do you think that is for a start? There is so much I desire to do but unfortunately life does tend to get in the way. These photo's represent a snapshot of my life at the moment and some of the things I do not want to being doing and some thing I would love to do more of.
Cooking a never ending chore and delight. Some days it is the last thing I feel like doing and then others I cannot wait to produce something amazing.

It is June and I have only just got the enrolment papers for Oscar for next year for school. I need to do them soon
Head lice- a problem we have been battling weekly for the past 6 months and unfortunately it has taken the yukky stuff to get rid of them.

Tasmania and gardening and both at the moment are a dream. We would love to move to Tassie but there are a few things holding us back. And there will not be a vegie garden this year unless I seriously chook and possum proof the garden as both have destroyed my efforts.
Work an essential necessity but something at the moment I wish I did not have to do as I could surely use those 2 days to do other things. This month I have worked for Starbucks for 10 years and I have truly enjoyed working for them - they are a great company. They have given me a tent for my 10 years of service.
Two joyful things in my life Running - something I love but do not get time to do and I really want to change that. And Mainly music a program of music and movement for families. I so enjoy presenting it an meeting the families that come along.