Friday, February 11, 2011

Snapshot of my week

It has been a week or more since I last sat down to write. Now school is back life has settled into a hectic pace. Trying to get the get the kids out the door by 8.30 but failing miserably despite all my best intentions. We are often pulling up to the gate after the second bell has gone. I am a naturally fly by the seat of my pants person and take life as it comes so routine and organisation do not come that easy to me. Yet since the kids started school and kindy I have had to introduce routine into our lives and sometimes we get there sometimes we do not.

This week has been the busiest of all. Starting of with Roster day at kindy. It is a day where you go in to kindy and help out the teacher and get to experience kindy with your child. A fantastic day but nothing gets done at home. Then before I know it I am back at school and heading off to the after school activities. A highlight though was I met a lady at swimming who was knitting and she gave me all this helpful advice.

Tuesday and Wednesday are work days so you pretty much write them off. Yet on Wednesday morning there is a bright spot where Oscar and I meet up with some other mums and kids for a play and coffee. This time helps me get to the end of the week. When I go to work around lunch time I am often are not home till 8.30pm so my husband has the joy of the night time routine which includes cooking dinner.

Thursday I was out all as we have a birthday party on Saturday and have not done any preparation for it (didn't I say I tend to fly by the seat of my pants) usually I am rather good at spreading out the preparation of parties but this time it just all crept up on me

Anyway it is the end of the week and I feel like I have done nothing yet Have done so much. I sit and wonder how I will fit the university course I am about to undertake into my life, but I am sure somehow I will find a way.

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