Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chaos in My ordered world

I do not know about you but I do like my area's around me to be neat and tidy. These photo's are of the kids play area the top one is how they usually leave it and the bottom is how Mum likes it. The question is how do we get the kids to tidy up with out me going blue in the face. I am curious to know when the desire to take of their own environment kicks but saying that I think my mum is still waiting for that to happen with my brothers and they are 37 and 25!


  1. Ah yes, my kids and I have a difference of opinion on how their bedrooms should look. I'm not sure when that desire to keep their rooms or play area clean without being asked, happens. But I'm ready for it!


  2. I actually considered taking a picture of my son's room to show you, but am not certain I would make it out alive! It is a battle that I have decided not to choose.