Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rain, Rain and more rain

Water is laying everywhere!!!

the path the water takes from the front to the back yards
One of the delights of all this rain is seeing beautiful fungi like this come out of rotting timber
Weeds galore I certainly have a job ahead of me

Since before Christmas, Brisbane has not seen too many days of sunshine. I love the the rain especially for what it signifies but for a rain lover like me it is all starting to get a bit soggy. I have not been in the garden for at least a month and the weeds are starting to take over, more work for me when the sun does shine. I have been doing a bit of reading and this wet weather is all part of a cycle that we usually have 3 wet years then 7 years of drought or very little rain. Is so true what they say about Australia being a land of drought and flooding rain. Anyway just take a moment to think of those in Central Queensland an WA who have lost nearly everything in the floods.

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