Monday, December 13, 2010

It is finally starting to look a bit like Christmas

We have finally put up our Christmas tree. My husband would be more than happy if we skipped Christmas altogether but we have 3 little darlings who get oh so very excited about christmas. so where does that leave me some years I am very excited others I am very ambivalent. This year I have not quite decided how I feel yet. Christmas in Australia is very different to the Northern Hemisphere it is hot and it is the time of the year where everything winds down. Days are long, can be very sticky and baking (even though it should be) becomes not a priority. So what is good about Christmas in Australia, for me it is mainly about family and a time of reflection on the birth of Jesus and how this time changed history. Anyway the kids had so much fun putting up the tree and we are happy.

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  1. The tree will be the first step to feeling like Christmas is coming, I am sure!