Thursday, December 2, 2010

Camping at Girraween

Girraween National Park would have to be one of my most favourite places in the world (I know that is a very bold statement but I have been to many places in the world and this place still tops the list for me) It is a dramatic landscape that is characterised by huge rocky granite outcrops. I first went there when I was going out with my husband and I was a very young 18 year old but I fell in love with the place and we have endeavoured to go back there at least twice a year since. Now we have children we are showing them the beauty and magic of this place.

Some of our highlights of the trip we have gone on is the kids being able to walk comfortably 5 kms, a kangaroo and her joey eating the grass at the campsite next to ours, the kids making up unbelievable games and stories in the bush and rocks next to our campsite and finally the beautiful wildflowers that were flowering along all the walks we took.

Also sorry I have not written for a while - life just got a little bit in the way.

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  1. Wow - those rocks are amazing!
    It's a busy time of the year, isn't it. I've missed catching up on your life, dear friend.