Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simple sewing

Lately I have had a few sewing projects on the go and I have managed to complete them. Overall I am happy with the end result I am not happy with the hidden mistakes that I know are there. I have really enjoyed picking up the long dormant sewing skills and creating something lovely out of just a piece of fabric.
My first finished project (for a better word) was an everyday tote that I got out of a lovely book called "Weekend Sewing' by Heather Ross This was surprisingly easy the result looks great.

Next was a gypsy skirt for Isabella in her Favourite colour of the moment - purple! I loved making this and am so happy with how it falls and of course twirls.

And finally a shoulder bag that was created out of necessity. I am going on a plane with only carry on Luggage so it means I can't take my hand bag so I needed a bag for when I got there so out of my head came this design. Don't you just love the gorgeous fabric I found to line it - thank you Funky Fabrics.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mosaic games

It is already 8 days into November and I have not posted anything - so much for my goal to to do at least 3 posts a week.I have been working on a number of creative endeavours Sewing and photography. I will post the sewing ones next week. I wanted to share a mosaic I had been playing with of the same photo but with different effects. I do not have a very sophisticated editing software but I do like different effects I was able to do - I particularly like the one of Bella with redish hair.
Any way I won't be posting 3 times this week as I am heading down to Victoria to visit my family for my Aunts birthday. I am so excited especially seeing as the kids are staying home.