Monday, October 4, 2010

A few days in Sydney

I have finally sat down to write about our trip to Sydney last week. We decided to take the whole family down to Sydney for 4 days last week as the kids had been asking us for a while if we could go to Sydney. We only told them a couple of days before we were about to go and they were so excited - "you're the best mum and Dad" was uttered more than once.
There were so many highlights - uneventful flights, seeing venus from a 130 year old telescope, watching the delight on the kids faces when they see the Sydney Opera house for the first time, seeing the industrial history of Cockatoo Island, retracing the steps of the children's book Alexander's Outing just to name a few.
Last time I went to Sydney I was 7 weeks pregnant with Isabella so in some ways it was precious to take her back there as a 7 year old.
After this holiday I really encourage anyone to think outside the box when visiting a popular tourist spot cause the unexpected delights we discovered made the trip something out of the ordinary.


  1. We love Alexander's outing - must do that if we get to sydney. Sounds like it was a great holiday. Awesome Addisons!

  2. Ahhh Sydney - it's a long time since I've seen her. What a great idea to do with your family - glad you had such a nice time, and the weather looks like it was fabulous too.

  3. Wow Sandy looks like an amazing trip! Loved that you thought outside the box. You must give me your travel tips for exploring Sydney - we will probably be there at the end of the year/new year.