Friday, September 10, 2010

Tribute to Mum

This week was my Mums birthday and I just wanted to write something to pay tribute to this amazing woman who just happens to be my mum. Mum is a rock and a constant in my life, she is ever reliable and I can truly say she has never let me down. My gives so much of herself to others from her job as a teacher aide to being heavily involved with the State Emergency Service which involves dropping things to go and help people in trouble. My mum is never judgemental and takes people at face value - she often is willing to see the best in people. Mum is not perfect and she has her areas in which she struggles to gain control of in her life but haven't we all. But my mum has a character and personality that is worth looking up to. I love her gentle sprit and her willingness to have a go but also her desire to make herself to be a better and whole person. These are attributes that I hope my daughter inherits from her.
Take a moment to think of your Mum and thank her for the things you love about her.


  1. mums are great - thanks for reminding us!! Happy birthday to your mum! x

  2. Great tribute Sandy - I have to agree you mum is a Legend!!!

  3. Yes San, your mum is a complete gem. She inspires ME in MY mothering journey, just from the few times I have met her. Her grace and gentleness and open-ness is tangible. Beautiful post.