Friday, September 24, 2010

Home a bit earlier ....

Here we are home a bit earlier than we thought....the weather was too lousy to go camping. Plus Anthony and I were so knackered the thought of putting up a tarp and a tent just made us feel even more tired! That is huge for us as we love camping and often complain we do not do it enough due to work and activities. But our little holiday house was lovely and we had a wood fire to keep us warm. We even ended up with a lovely runaway dog staying with us for a few days before his owners manage to find him. The kids played on the muddy slope, they played army men in the long grass (thank goodness it is not warm enough yet for the snakes to come out of hibernation) and made a mountain of craft. Anthony and I just read and slept and kept the food coming. We have another adventure next week but that is till then.....


  1. Snakes!!! Oh Sammy, you need to come to NZ. LOL!
    Beautiful photos. I love that last one. Glad you had a nice time, even though the weather didn't come out to play.

  2. Love the picks Sandy - looks like you had a good time at your cabin.

  3. Great photos Sandy. Gosh you are learning and growing in your photography I can see.