Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sewing rediscovered

As a teenager I used to make the majority of my clothes, I even made a pair of shorts that I had screen printed. I sewed mainly because in the mid eighties it was far cheaper to make your own clothes rather than buy them. For many years I have let those skills lay dormant for a number of reasons, it is cheaper to buy clothes now, the range of fabrics were quite uninspiring and I did not have a sewing machine. So what has changed now. Well there are some amazing fabrics out there these days and discovering an amazing fabric store a couple of suburbs over (thank you Funky Fabrix) So I want to share with you a couple of my first projects

This is a dress that I made for my daughter Isabella. There is a story behind the fabric. About 19 years ago I went to Bali with a group of people and I saw this fabric in one of the markets in Bali and fell in love with it. So it has sat in my sewing box since then. Just Lately Isabella has saying how much she loves purple and I remembered this fabric. As I was ironing the fabric out I noticed it has little fish on it and of course Isabella loves sea creatures. Amazing eh!

These are my husbands pyjama's for the summer. I spied this fabric on Funky Fabrix's facebook page (isn't it so awesome) and I thought how much I liked it but it wasn't until Anthony was complaining how many holes his pj's had in them and how he would have to get a new pair that I knew what I could use this fabric for. So I cut up those holely pyjama's and used them as the basis for a pattern for these new ones


  1. Wow Sam, that looks awesome. Love the fabrics too. I have a girl who is into purple as well at the moment. And when were you in Bali? I don't remember you going? Was that pre-Goulburn? That book looks fantastic too - might look it up. Have a great week!

  2. Wow Sandy! What a wonderful blog you have here?! So talented... the sewing projects are amazing too...incredible story behind the fabic for Isabellas dress. The skill of sewing is something my generation is greatly lacking, I purchased a 5 dollar "how to" book with basic tips from the Ekka the other week, unfortunately it all seems like another language to me. haha. Keep up the great work Sandy. :)

  3. Very inspiring Sandy! Go girl!

  4. Oh Sandy they are brilliant! I am looking forward to Thursday so much, it's so fun to be sharing this sewing bug. Ulrik remembers the trip you're talking about and is so impressed that you have kept a momento of it to give to your precious firstborn. Beautiful.