Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's August it's EKKA time

To those of you who do not come from Brisbane/Queensland you be wondering what on earth is the EKKA. It is our yearly agricultural show, it is the place where the city meets the country. So in the midst of city you can experience cattle, horses, Wood chopping, chickens, pigs goats, baking, jams ect. Along with the delights of side show alley, show bags and fireworks to end the day. My children love going to the Ekka and it is one of the highlights of their year. They were anxious to get their show bags and had them chosen before we even got through the gate. Now they are getting older they are discovering the excitement of rides and games. This year Bella and Jasper had their first rides on the dodgem cars - they were so excited. We left all so very tired but the kids were asking can we go again next year. I think it is something they will never tire of. If only we could harness that child like joy and enthusiasm.


  1. I wanna come too! Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Thanks Sam, for your comment on my blog today. Cheered me up. You're a good friend.

  3. Great collage. Love it. And I love your heart of fun and child-like joy for all the craziness of the Ekka. You're not jaded like me! Very inspiring. xoxox