Sunday, August 15, 2010

It is Birthday week

There is one week of the year my family looks forward or certain members dread - it is Birthday week. In the space of a week 5 members of our family have birthdays including myself. It is funny how different people react to their birthday's. To me it is a celebration of the life of that person's life, a time to reflect on how much that person means to me and the important part they play in my life. It is a time to rejoice, a time to thank Jesus for them also a time to look back on the year just gone and every thing that has come to pass. Some years the year has been awesome and amazing yet other years have been full of challenge and struggle. But the most important thing is look back and realised we have grown. Whereas my husband struggles with his birthday every year and wishes the day was scrubbed off the calendar - especially this year when he turned 40. What is your birthday like for you is it a time of celebration and reflection or is a day you would rather forget?


  1. Happy Birthday Sammy - wish we lived closer.
    I think it is a time of celebration too - survived another year, looking forward to the challenges of the next. Are you planning anything special for the big one next year?

  2. Love the cake/s.

  3. Do you know what Sandy? You have such a beautiful heart. I am blown away by your positivity and the way you look for things to enjoy, appreciate, and celebrate. What a gift you are to your world. Your children will be so blessed because of what you bring to their approach to life. You rock.