Thursday, July 15, 2010

Growing through photography

As a commitment to find my creative niche I have taken on a photography course and boy has it been challenging me. I am learning things that I have been too slack to learn and should have learnt many years ago. So I hope you enjoy some of my efforts.

I have been home from holidays for nearly a week and already the mundane of life has set in much to my frustration. I came home with a renewed optimism to change the things that had been driving me crazy such as messy home, lack of time for exercise, lack of time for creative pursuits just to name a few. I think I will have to really sit down and find a way to resolve some of these issue before they really begin to get to me. Any idea's would be most gratefully received. I am beginning to see though that I am not alone though in this dilemma and many women in my situation (ie. small kids, working ect) are trying to work out this but not too many of us are succeeding. What a journey I am on lets hope I grow rather than get bogged down


  1. yes i feel the same way and about those exact same three things! All i know is it's constant hard work and determination to fight against the flow that tries to hold you back and keep you bogged down with all the mundane.

  2. Sands - I love your pictures they are beautiful!!! The new look of your blog is great too. I think you are doing well with all the presures, doing all these creative things and excercise with your kids not only gives you time to do them but teaches them the things that are important to you also. Keep up what you are doing you are doing great.