Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brisbane like we have never seen

Anthony and I were fortunate enough to be given a day to spend together - yes it is a very rare occurrence. So we went into the centre of Brisbane to the Art Gallery to see an exhibition that we have been wanting to see for quite some time (it actually finishes next weekend). It was by a sculptor called Ron Mueck and he sculpts people and they have such a life like quality to them. A few years ago we saw a sculpture he did of a pregnant woman at the Gallery and I was totally transfixed by it. In this exhibition there is a sculpture of a baby and it is so impressive that you just want to reach out and touch it.


I took my camera with me and decided I wanted to capture some of Brisbane through the lens of my camera. Even though I have lived in Brisbane for many years I have never really took photos of the city. I was pleasantly surprised how amazing the city looked and have a new appreciation of it


  1. I am going to try and see it on Wednesday - been wanting to go for ages. Pics are great :)

  2. How great that the two of you got to spend a day out together. The art gallery sounds amazing - would love to see it. Love your pics of Brisbane too, Sammy. I was only 10 years old last time I saw it.

  3. I'm not going to make the exhibition - your photos look great. So glad you had a day out together.

  4. Sandy, great photos. Isn't it amazing how different things look when you photograph them. It's like getting a whole new perspective and appreciation for the things we take for granted.