Thursday, July 29, 2010

Books glorious books!

Talking with some of friends today about a book club made me think of the effects of books on my life. I am an avid reader and will read most genre's but my weakness is crime novels. While the kids were little I tended not to read a whole lot but now I am making up for it. My friend put some of her favourite books on her blog and thought I might steal her idea(sorry Rach).
So what does this pile mean to me let me show you how they fit into my life and thoughts
1. Bible - what can I say but the ultimate guide book to life.
2. The Time travellers Wife - Christmas present from Anthony and a ripping read
3. Captain Corelli's Mandolin - One of my all time favourite books read too many times
4. Nikon D90 camera manual - still trying to work out what all the menu's and button's on my camera do
5. Private - a nod to my crime novel obsession
6. Cut the Clutter - trying to synthesise this book and it's elements into my life (not succeeding)
7.Notebook and Real Living - a girl has to have magazines


  1. Hey Sands - your kids have your love of reading too. Love to borrow time travellers wife sometime...
    great to see you yesterday!!!!

  2. Great to see your book collection. Can't wait to read Time Traveller's Wife.

  3. I loved learning about your love of reading here, San. I would never have known about your love of crime novels! Thank you for sharing! xoxo