Monday, June 14, 2010

What a weekend!

I have just spent the most amazing weekend staying on a farm near Murwillumbah in Northern New South Wales. I was also fortunate to spend this weekend with some of my dear friends from home group. All up there was 8 adults and 13 kids so it made for quite noisy meal times. The most refreshing thing about this place was there were no rules just common sense.

Even though it was freezing cold to be camping in the middle of winter just being so close to the elements is refreshment for the soul. Anthony did not come with me as he was working all weekend so it was just myself, kids and Xena the Wonder Dog (She always has as much fun as the rest of us sometimes more). That in itself is very stretching as there is no one to hand a child when they get so upset and you cannot fix the me a greater appreciation of single parents.

The kids loved the farm especially being able to get up and personal with some of the farm animals. When asking what some of their favourite experiences for the weekend were they came out with - Isabella: patting guinea pigs
Jasper: lighting fires
Oscar : riding fast in the back of the ute
Mine would have to be the Bush swing - A swing that is where you are winched up to a tall tree and then you free fall and begin to swing. I felt so exhilarated after that. All the adults had a go and most of the kids - the youngest being 6!
It definately is one place we will return to again with all it's quirks and delights next time we are bringing Dad along.

Isabella feeds one of the girls

Feeding the cows from the back of the ute


  1. Looks fantastic. I love Bella's hair right now. Really suits her.

  2. Bella is looking quite grown up in this photo.