Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome to Winter

Well this is my very first post. Why am I writing this you may ask....well I feel as if I am on the edge of the unknown and about to take a step off. I want to write about my journey. Also I am beginning to get in touch with my long dormant creative side so there will be many adventures as I seek to find that again.

This photo perfectly describes winter in Brisbane, perfect light, perfect weather and a chance to do things that you can't do in summer because it is too hot. Which is a good reason to make changes in ones life.

Looking forward to the Journey......


  1. Hey Sands - great idea, reminds me of the movie Julie and Julia that I watched last weekend, except you are not cooking through a cookbook and writing about it.
    look forward to your posts.
    bless you, Dana

  2. Good on you Sandy, Great Page. Love the photos! I also will be looking forward to reading your Journey. Tina.xoxox

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging -- a great place to be -- found your site while 'bloghopping' -- I think you left a comment somewhere -- but I can't remember now where -- I will be back to see how your journey progresses. Blessings to you and yours : )