Monday, June 7, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp - Day 1 Ivory

What is this you may ask? Well it is fabulous exercise I stumbled upon whilst reading a blog. Over 2 weeks we are given a theme daily and we are to use an artistic medium to portray the theme. At the same time we are given some thoughts to journal through the process. So far it has made me dive into areas of my brain that have been stagnant pools for quite some time.

My chosen medium is photography. I have often felt very inadequate in this area as I have some amazing and talented friends who are stunning photographers. I find that I am drawn to the Australian Landscape so this is the area I want to grow in. So I hope the next 2 week will help this.

So day 1 has the theme Ivory. So what does a carved wooden camel have to do with ivory? Well it start off with ivory comes from elephants that is often carved so then I thought of carving and this wood is beautifully carved. But I also came at it from another angle as well that elephants are found in the far East/ India and this gorgeous camel was purchased in Pakistan. I know the second thought is a bit of a stretch but you never know where your thoughts can take you.

I also went walking today when Isabella was at gymnastics and I took my Camera. I was amazed at how beautiful weeds look. and managed to take some lovely photos

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