Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Afternoon in the garden

Today was a gorgeous Brisbane sunny winter afternoon, so of course the vegie garden was beckoning. Brisbane winters are unlike winter anywhere else the days are beautiful and warm and the nights cool. So you can grow things in the vegie garden you can't usually grow in winter.

This is the first time Ant and I have done a vegie garden on any major scale so much of it is trial and error. We were talking today and saying that even though both our parents were gardeners how little we know about planting vegetables. It has made us a bit more determined to impart to our kids the results of our gardening experiments. Experiments you may ask.....well many of the plants we may have planted too close together or with non companion plants but it is all learning.

Today we had two main tasks to create a compost bin and to plant out some strawberry runners. Do you know most average families throw out 50kg of compostable waste and that is what has prompted me to do a compost bin. We made it from wooden pallets and wire good for air ventilation. Lets hope it is secure enough so the dog doesn't eat the compost like she has previously. And strawberries what can you say about them except you have to have them in your garden. Gives the kids something to pick in a few months.


  1. today was such a beautiful day - I love Queensland sunny winter days.

  2. Looks so great. Is Ant enjoying the process?